Alnico magnet

Case Alnico Magnet Industrial magnet, aluminum nickel cobalt magnet, Max. working temperature are up to 525℃, alnico 5 are widely used in the industrial area, while maximum energy product (BH)max. are only around 5.50 MGOe take example for Alnico 5, far less than neodymium magnets energy product max. 54.0 MGOe, but working temperatuer 525℃ will excel, as neodymium normally working under  200℃ alnico magnets are not only used in military and industry,but  also musical instruments,  such guitar pick up magnets. D4.75x15.24  D4.75x16.30  D4.75x16.80  D4.75x17.20 D4.75x17.60 D4.75x18.30 D4.75x19  D5.0X16.0 D5.0x16.50  D5.0x17 D5.0X25.4  D7x2 D7x9 D12x10 D30x10 Rertangular 62.1x3.15x12.68  63.5x3.15x12.7  58x2.9x12.7  59x8x4 Your specifications are welcome!