Multipole magnet

multipole magnets, 6 pole magnets, 8 pole magnets, 12 pole magnets, 20 pole magnets,24 pole magnets, 52 pole magnets, radial or demetrically magnetizing, neodymium with plastic injecitons, ceramic with plastic enjections, gear pump magnets, water sensor magnets, energy saving sensor magnets,etc magnets with anisotropic, will be a little more in strength in polarity; while magnets with isotropic, will be a little less in strength, but will be with more even polarity in strength; We are professional in mutipole magnets, many kinds of moulds and dimensions such 6 poles of D12x4, 6 poles of D13.4x5, 8 poles of D10x3.5,  8 poles of D24x10, 8 poles D59x3.95, 10 poles of D18x2, 12 poles of D24.8x8, 20 poles of D13x20, 24 poles of D22.5XD14x6.5, 52 poles of D79.5x13.30, etc. Your specifications are welcome!